StruxureWare for Data Centers
Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) simplifies, automates and manages critical infrastructure in and around the data center to optimize efficiency.
Top 3 benefits:
1. Compliance with Federal regulations, such as DCOI
2. Improves efficiencies by reducing OpEx and CapEx
3. Improves business availability
Compute Utilization
Shows the cost of your operating IT assets and provides savings opportunities.  Identifies candidates for  consolidation to reduce footprint.
Switch Gear
Incorporating switch gear provides a more overarching view of power consumption and shows the quality of power. This knowledge informs managers of potential business impacts in the data center.
Building Management
Provides a single interface that ties into your building management system (BMS) for one solution.
Cable Management
Accurate and timely knowledge of the critical elements of the cabinet, such as network cable availability ensure better planning and optimization.
Power Consumption
Provides visibility for power optimization and can extend  the capacity and life of the data center by reducing unnecessary power consumers.
Available/Occupied Rack Space
In operations and planning, this helps to understand physical capability and optimize available space to extend the  life of the data center and  reduce CapEx.
Generators & Fuel Tanks
Having backup is critical to disaster recovery and business continuity planning and also affects availability and service level agreements (SLA).
Too much heat in a data center results in downtime, whereas appropriate cooling ensures availability and protects business assets. Cooling information enables insight for proper optimization to enable greater efficiency, improved PUE and reduced OpEx.
Access & Security
Access control provides the right access to the right people. Plus, in order to be security compliant, agencies must have audits in place. Security cameras provide audit trails.
Asset Management
Enables compliance for FITARA and the understanding of your true asset footprint.  Identifies the unneeded assets to reduce costs.
Power & Energy Management
Power & Energy Management systems help you maximize your data center uptime and power distribution reliability, improve your energy performance, and enhance your operational efficiency.
Power/UPS Health
Power health is absolutely critical to ensuring and  maintaining uptime and business availability. It also helps deliver service level agreements (SLAs).